General Support Policy

Modified on Fri, 18 Aug 2023 at 07:04 AM

This Support Policy describes how we provide our support service to you during your subscription. If you have any questions or do not agree with any points, please do not hesitate to contact us via our email.

This Support Policy can be changed over time, so you should check this page from time to time for any possible changes that have been made. Any major changes will be announced via our Newsletter, Blog, and website.

This Support Policy is effective globally from August 05th, 2023.

1. Support time

We have diversified customers coming from all around the world, and though it’s hard to satisfy all customers in different time zones, we do always try our best to provide the fastest response we can.

2. Support Definition

Can be considered as problem customers have met while using our product(s):

  • Bugs that have already existed in the products. Customers notice these bugs because the features don’t work.

  • Bugs caused by external factors such as conflict with other 3rd party extensions.

  • Bugs caused by customers’ customization work.

3. What is the scope of Support?

Our support mainly focuses on topics like installation and configuration of the apps, usage of apps features, and potential bugs fix. Support will NOT be provided when you want to modify the app to suit your specific needs, or when you want to feature ‘X’ to be integrated with the app.

We offer support for the following situation(s), regarding the Support Items in section 1:

  • Any compatibility error arising from a fresh product install.

  • Help with the functionality of our product(s) which is not specified in our documentation.

  • Functionality that does not work as advertised in the product’s description.

  • Existing bugs that are not fixed in the current version.

  • We do NOT provide support for the product features if we validate that you have uninstalled the apps. However, we will assist you with most payment inquiries.

4. What is the meaning of “out-of-scope”?

  • In-depth app customization, HTML/JS/PHP/CSS customization/template code changes, or any other custom work beyond 1 – 2 mins. Refer to section 5, Modification support, below.

  • Any error(s) relating to product’s code (PHP and/or JavaScript) customization as well as other customization from 3rd parties.

  • Change the default workflow of the app.

  • Adding functionality that was not advertised, and is not installed by default with the product(s).

  • Compatibility with other Shopify apps or any other third-party software.

  • The loss of data as a result of app downgrading.

  • Cancel using the app. You will need to do it manually. Refer to this article for more details.

5. What is modification support?

  • If you are requesting modification help, which only requires us to publish 2 / 3 lines of code, we will be glad to assist you.

  • However, if your request requires custom queries, testing, or several lines of code to be published, it will be considered out-of-scope, we can only provide very basic guidance, and you would then need to hire an external developer of your choice if you don’t have the skill(s) to implement it yourself.

6. Before Asking Questions

  • Read the product(s) documentation and/or search important keywords from our Help Center before asking any questions.

  • The existing documentation covers the most important steps required to install, and configure product(s) as advertised. Most of the questions can be answered by simply re-reading the documentation.

7. How to Get Support

  • If our existing documentation does not provide the answer to your question, please feel free to send us your question via 

  • We highly recommend you describe your issues/bugs under the structural contents of the Support form with a suitable subject. If you put your content with tons of words in a non-structural way, our Support team might take longer time to review, and give their feedback.

  • We recommend you provide us with some screenshots that describe your issue/bugs clearly.

  • We recommend you keep your content short, and precise in order to get feedback quickly.

  • Generally, your case should be answered no later than the first hour of a normal working day. If you do not receive a response after this time, please do not hesitate to send a new request.

8. Definition of DONE

Each request is recommended to contain one, or two issues maximum in order to help both Trántoreand Customers keep focusing on one main topic at a time and make the conversation consistent during the time.

  • When the Customers confirm that the case is ok, our Support team will consider the case solved, and we will close the ticket ahead.

  • Please do not keep raising any newly detected bug(s) and/or question(s) in the resolved ones. Instead please send us a new ticket/question for receiving support.

9. Bugs Fix

  • The bug over a specific site needed individual technical support will be reached within 24 hours (excluding weekends). The technician will give you a hand with the bug fix right after we get sufficient information (if requested) and an explanation of the site issue.

  • For any improvement suggestion(s), we do appreciate your idea(s), and they will be sent directly to our Business Development team for future consideration.

  • However, we could NOT guarantee any instant solution for unavailable feature(s). If a workaround is available, for sure we will let you know.

10. Abuse

Transtore has the right to revoke your access to the support area in the event of abuse towards support staff and/or other users, including, but not limited to:

  • Use of profanity of any kind.

  • Defamation of character.

  • Spamming of any kind.

  • Misuse of support tickets or threats for self-promotion.

  • Constantly re-posting identical messages in multiple tickets and/or threads and/or emails.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via email at

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